Are you trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy? Fertility Tracker will calculated and estimated your important dates (including menstruation/period days, fertile days, ovulation days) based on custom settings of your own cycle. Just enter the First day of your last menstruation cycle and adjust the length to match your cycle and the app calculates the best dates to conceive or when to use protection. You can also log notes and lots of other information as desired which can be significant medical data. Allows for planning of romantic weekends or trips.

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- At a glance cycle information
- Easy to use and very customizable
- Application modes to suit every woman's individual needs (NEW)
- Multiple automatic modes for calculating your settings based on your data
- Manual settings for fine tuning predictions
- Phone calendar event integration (NEW)
- Calendar and 'full screen calendar'
- Future & past period, fertile and ovulation dates
- Charts, statistics, and summary pages
- Keep a diary of notes
- Track menstruation, intimacy, temperature, and weight
- Track test results: pregnancy, fertility/ovulation tests, cervical mucus, position, firmness (NEW)
- Track 74 moods
- Track 86 symptoms (NEW)
- Track custom moods, symptoms and pill usage
- Diary view
- Irregular cycle support
- Password/PIN support
- Choose from 12 theme backgrounds or use your own
- Automatic & manual data backup modes (keep your data upgrading)
- Light & dark themes supported
- Save screen shots
- Choose from 8 discreet/custom (pinned start screen) live tile images
- Discreet app name option for (pinned start screen) live tile
- Enter data for past days
- Pregnancy mode with trimesters info, baby size, and calendar support
- No ads

- Fixed a few bugs

- Some performance improvements to reduce errors

- Added optional Period, Fertility & Enter info toast reminders

- Upgrading app to WP8.1

- Several fixes for toast reminders

- Improved period length predictions
- Some UI improvements

- Added ability to "group by cycle" on diary page
- Made bar graph pink for pregnancy cycles on "Cycle length" page
- Added symptoms to Cycle summary page

- Fixed a few bugs

- Fixed a few bugs
- Added ability to pick a specific backup to restore (from a users backup history), when taping the restore data button

- Fixed a few bugs

- Fixed a few bugs

- Minor update

- Fixed a couple of bugs

- Fixed many bugs
- UI improvements
- Added fast-app-resume
- Adjusted luteal phase length calculation

- Fixed several bugs

- Fixed several bugs
- Made several UI improvements

- Fixed a couple of bugs

- Fixed a couple of bugs
- Fixed bug displaying in-app events
- Added a symptom

- Fixed several bugs
- Improved period length and cycle length predictions for for irregular cycles

- Fixed several bugs
- Improved support for new users

- Fixed several bugs
- Made several UI improvements (Metro friendly interface)
- Add phone calendar integration
- Added events list to daily notes page (see phone calendar events and in-app events)
- Improved pregnancy mode (see historic pregnancies on calendar, new Trimesters page)
- Added conception time based baby gender prediction
- Added application modes (conception, contraception, pregnancy, period tracker)
- New Report and settings in-app live tiles (not pinned live tiles)
- Added tracking of cervical position, firmness & opening
- Increased trial time
- Added mark period started and ended button/page
- Added mark pregnancy started and ended button/page
- New graphs
- New cycle forecast page (see future cycles in a text list view)
- New fertility overview page
- Added version history
- Changed to high-resolution app bar icons
- Some calendar redesign
- New temperature graph page
- New stats page
- Made several performance improvements
- Added option to show negative test results on calendar
- Changed 'Save screenshot' of large graph to save image of entire range of dates scrollable
- Added ability to override/mark ovulation day for each cycle
- Added 30 symptoms
- Added 2 moods
- Added cycle summary page
- Added some additional help pages
- Added beta feature to analyze temperature data to help predict ovulation date
- Added 'Due date mode' to be able to override pregnancy Due date if desired
- Increased trial time

- Fixed a few bugs
- Made a few UI improvements

- Fixed several bugs
- Made several UI improvements
- Made some performance improvements
- Increased the trial time period
- Added some additional information to forecast page
- Added 'Automatic' data backup mode

- Fixed several bugs
- Made several UI improvements
- Made some performance improvements

- Fixed several bugs
- Made several UI improvements

- Fixed several bugs
- Made several UI improvements

- Fixed several bugs
- Added buttons to optionally delete select data (temperature & weight)
- Added 11 new moods
- Added 12 new symptoms
- Made several performance improvements
- Improved accuracy of 'Smart Settings' and made them more configurable
- Added cycle summary graph
- Added several progress bars to 'forecast' page
- Added daily horoscope
- Added cervical mucus tracking
- Added fertility/ovulation tests result tracking
- Added pregnancy tests result tracking
- Added pregnancy mode with trimesters info
- Added ability to save screen shots or several pages to phone media library
- Added ability to email/text cycle summary list data
- Added ability to track Hemoglobin (HB) test results
- Added month selector to calendar
- 12 all new theme backgrounds
- Some calendar redesign
- Added option to show cycle day on calendar
- Added more data to cycle stats page
- Added ability to swipe left/right to full screen calendar
- Improved app offline functionality
- 7.5 (Mango) support for Fast Task Switching
- Made Temperature graph able to display more days at a time
- Increased the Trial time by 50%
- Discreet/custom Tile support
- Supports 'Pin to Start' for several of your favorite pages

- Fix a bug when saving data

- Fix a bug

- Fixed several bugs with the 'Smart Settings' and improved its accuracy
- Added more data to cycle stats page
- Added cycle history page

- Fixed bug with new editor not launching on full screen calendar
- Fixed bug with manual settings not working
- Added more data to cycle stats page

- Fixed several bugs
- Added new settings page
- Added ability to personalize what get tracked from new settings page
- Added 'Smart Settings' (settings are set and updated automatically based on the data you have entered
- Added a few background choices to choose from in settings page and the ability to choose custom BG
- Added ability to optionally track weight (in pounds or kilos)
- Added backup and restore service for entered data
- Added option to password protect the app if desired
- Added ability to search data on DiaryPage page
- Added ability to track Moods & Symptoms (supports custom Moods & Symptoms)
- Added ability to track pills taken and other users defined items
- Added cycle stats page
- Added ability to track 'Fertility Notes' and 'Medical Notes' in addition to regular notes

- Fixed a few bugs
- Made several UI improvements
- Made the Calendar 'International friendly' local date formats and names; corrected starting day of week for Countries where applicable (UK: Mon ~Sun)
- Improved the performance of Full screen calendar

- Fixed a few bugs
- Enabled swiping up and down on calendar to navigate months (like month view swiping on phones calendar)

- Made the temperature on the calendar a little bigger and made it vertical on the side
- Added a temperature graph that supports both landscape and portrait viewing
- Added ability to email or text (SMS) the information on the summary screen
- Added 'go to today' button on calendar menu
- Made more calendar settings customizable
- Added 'Menstruated' to daily notes for logging actual occurrences
- Lightened the color of 'Predicted Menstruation days' to differentiate against actual Menstruation days
- Added support for temperatures in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit
- Added ''delete all data' button
- Added help page
- Added diary page to show a list view of data entered
- Changed temperature on new note to default to the most recent temperature
- Added 'full screen calendar page' with 2 calendar months shown when turning phone sideways

- Now shows days & data from previous & next months
- Shows temperature on calendar days
- Added setting to configure whether to display ‘Had Intercourse’, Temperature, ‘Menstruation Day’ & Notes on calendar